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The Future of Packs: New Pack Rankings & "Pack Weekly Bounty"

Today, communtiy manager ItssBlue announced a few exciting news! First part of the announcement is a new live update for packs rankings.  Similar to player's rankings, this chart is designed to rank the top packs based on the pack's combat power. A pack's CP score is determined by the combined CP score of all the current members, divided in half. So there are a couple different factors which can help the pack's overall scores, like the numbers of members in the pack. The chart lists the top 100 packs global and local. The current #1 global ranking pack goes out to El1te with currently 50 members and a combined CP score of 725 million. The pack was also featured on our list as #1 pack to join in 2021. El1te currently has 5 players over 100m CP making a 3rd of the packs total ranking. The pack's founders are Mr V, Mr N, and Jess. Now on to the second part of the announcement. ItssBlue just teased us with an upcoming update called "Pack Weekly Bounty". Unfort