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The Wolf Simulator Advertisement, Hinting Possible Updates?

 It's almost been a year since the last major update on The Wolf game. Many people in the community are extremely excited as there have been many surveys teasing people of whats possibly coming or in the works. I personally have never ran into a The Wolf Simulator advertisement and I've checked on all of their forums, websites, social media outlets, along with the app store, and there seems to be none. I was tipped by a friend of mine that they had stumbled upon an ad on google which had me quite intrigued. I have done some extensive research and realized maybe the reason they have been hidden is because they may possibly be hinting a new update. Here is a video of an ad I found: At first glance it doesnt seem like much, but the first thing I noticed, and it may be hard to tell due to the video quality, is the graphics.  They are amazing! They definetly are better than the current Ultra high available. Also the gems are no longer gems. Instead it looks they replaced the icon t

Which Packs Have The Most Rats? | The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

Him The God did a study on which pack have the most rats. A rat can be defined in many ways, the most popular concept of a rat is a player who plays dirty, like running home to den, or porting home. Another reason why they are considered can vary but is usually determined by their style of playing. In this article, we will explore on why the top 5 Packs are considered rats.  5. LIE Pack Lie pack stands for Loyal Is Everything, the current alpha is Toot Toot. Here are some responses on why people felt LIE was a rat pack. - Lots of dirty players and Sh*t starters in it. - They're supporting homophobics and racists. - Angel has said homophobic things and racist things. - Bullies the harassment pack. 4. IFS  IFS pack stands for Ay Yidiz, their current alpha is Faith. Here are the reason why they won 4th place. - They cant face their enemies alone. - SB, howling home, LBD. - Always need SB 3. DHP  DHP stands for Diamond Heart Pack. Their current alpha is Halo. Here is some of the reason