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Him The God did a study on which pack have the most rats. A rat can be defined in many ways, the most popular concept of a rat is a player who plays dirty, like running home to den, or porting home. Another reason why they are considered can vary but is usually determined by their style of playing. In this article, we will explore on why the top 5 Packs are considered rats. 

5. LIE Pack

Lie pack stands for Loyal Is Everything, the current alpha is Toot Toot. Here are some responses on why people felt LIE was a rat pack.

- Lots of dirty players and Sh*t starters in it.

- They're supporting homophobics and racists.

- Angel has said homophobic things and racist things.

- Bullies the harassment pack.

4. IFS 

IFS pack stands for Ay Yidiz, their current alpha is Faith. Here are the reason why they won 4th place.

- They cant face their enemies alone.

- SB, howling home, LBD.

- Always need SB

3. DHP 

DHP stands for Diamond Heart Pack. Their current alpha is Halo. Here is some of the reason why they made the list.

- Supports racism and bullying

- The Way they protect pedos

- The higher ranks are sh*t

- SB pack

- Losers and liars.

2. TOP 

TOP stands for Tiny But Op. Their current alpha is Suffer. Here is the top reason why they are number 2.

- Trash talk, bullies, SB, hackers.

- The allow hackers, some become arrogant

- Salty when they loose

- They praise themselves but they are small

- Always need invites and SB

1. TMT

And last but not least... The notorious TMT. The Money Team alpha is magno, many of you may have already guessed but here is why they are #1 by a long shot with 30+ votes, almost double TOP.

- Magno is racist and homophobic

- Sb and Invites

- LBD and Killing pups

- Calling people foul names

- Made threats of rape and death 

- Runners and dirty players.

The list goes on.... So if you are ever looking to join a pack just remember why you should not join this pack. Below is the full list of rat packs.


  1. Sorry but what makes these players to be all that you claim they are?
    We have really been given any context. What makes them liar's? Is there any reported incidences.
    Also I'm trying to dig up info on the pack CMPK.


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