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 What are Items?

Items is a new feature in The Wolf that introduces equip able gear for your Wolves! You can now develop your characters by collecting and equipping unique, powerful items! You can find them in the new Items tab (Wolf → Items).

All items have their unique type, and only one item of each type can be worn at the same time. Those types are Helmet, Artifact, Armor, Collar, Front legs, and Rear legs.

Worn gear is visible on your wolves, but you can freely turn visibility off in the Items tab. Just use the toggle next to the eye icon. Remember that you won't be able to see both your and other players' items! Be calm, disabling it will not affect the bonuses you get from your items. This option is made especially for players preferring a cleaner version of the game visually.

How to get Items?

Items can be obtained in many ways:
* Daily and Weekly Quests
* Hunting events
* Animals can drop it after killing
* Free Chest
* Additional shop chests
* Shrine Wishes (will be explained below)

Quests' rewards from this update will be chests. They will contain not only items, but also Experience, Coins, Gems, and Moonstones!

What are they used for?

Items provide a lot of various bonuses, which can make your wolves even better hunters! They can increase attributes, strengthen skills, and even cast one's for you while fighting. With them, COOP and PVP will become even more amazing, with new strategies and mechanics.

Upgrading & Reinforcing Items

With this update, we also introduce two mechanics that allow you to increase item stats and add completely new bonuses to them! Those are Upgrade and Reinforce.

Items can be upgraded by using their duplicates. Upgrading an item increases its stats and Quality. Maximum item quality is 10.

Another layer of strengthening the items is the Reinforce. It not only increases its stats but also, on certain Reinforcement levels, adds completely new ones to the item!

To reinforce an item, we require another type of item - materials. It is a special type of item that can't be worn and doesn't increase your stats. Those can be obtained in ways mentioned in How to get items paragraph.

The Shrine
The Shrine is a special place in which you can reinforce, disassemble, and trade items! You can find it in the new Shrine tab in the menu, and also on every map. Each wolf's Shrine has its level and can be upgraded to provide more opportunities. Maximum Shrine level is 15.

As mentioned above, it is another layer of strengthening the items. It not only increases its stats but also, on certain Reinforcement levels, adds completely new ones to the item! This costs Coins, time, and materials. New stats are added on 1, 4, 7, and 10 Reinforcement levels, but existing ones will increase with each level.

Disassembling an item allows you to recover small portion of the materials you put into it to reinforce it.

Buy & Sell
You can buy and sell items and materials in the Shrine. The store's content changes daily, so you can find the most desired items!

This unique feature of the Shrine allows you to get guaranteed items! You can exchange Orbs, a special type of material, for the gear. Wish is unlocked on level 30.

Elemental damage
From this update, all skills are assigned to one of 5 elements and deal elemental damage. Those elements are:
* Physical
* Cold
* Fire
* Poison
* Electric

All elements have their mastery and resistance listed in your wolf stats. Mastery is a damage boost to skills of a certain element, and resistance is a defence boost when getting a certain damage type.

Items provide various masteries and resistances. It's worth collecting armor from one set because its items usually boost the same skills. Thanks to it, skills can deal much more damage!

Remember that damage may now seem lower in PVP. Resistances from armor are a powerful way to increase your wolves' defense.

Information was reported from The Wolf Discord


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