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Issues that Rage Quit Games Refuse to fix | The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

 Since the game's early development, The Wolf Online Simulator has endured many issues. Most of these issues are usually created after a major update has rolled out. It's only normal for a game to have bugs/glitches, no matter how many times a build is tested because some issues are not able to be seen until it is actually live. Most of the times these issues are fixed over the air or with another update released within a few days of being reported. However, there are still many issues that have been passed down through generations of updates but have yet to be fixed despite of being reported. Here is a list of issues that drastically affect the gameplay but have never been resolved. 1. Lag in PVP Since the update that rolled out earlier this year, introducing the Hunting Contest, tokens, and tickets. The PVP servers have been abnormally laggy. Some of the things the lag consists of are players gliding on the floor with no health bar, players not being hit by skills after a por


  On Sunday, the official Discord for The Wolf held a quiz for the first time for all the members to participate. During the quiz, community managers Itssblue and Adenser opened a voice channel to discuss some upcoming updates. Unfortunately I wasn't there to attend the voice discussion but the general chat revealed some information about the discussion. A member had asked about what was discussed on the voice channel and this is what itssblue had to say. Not only did he confirm the new map but it looks like there are other big things in store for us. However, itssblue did confirm that there will be no new skills added. When asked about when to expect this new map, itssblue confirms it will be next week, pointing out this week has just started. One member who attended the voice channel also summarizes the discussion when asked about the new map. From the sound of it. It looks like the map will be less difficult than Tropical Forest (Currently the hardest map). This map is probably

What Are The Best Packs To Join In The Wolf In 2021?

 In the game's early stages, a wolf pack was just something that the community had made up, and wasn't actually a part of the game. Wolf packs were created for players in the game to have a sense of family, with morals and rules put in place. Players would be able to rely on their pack for support, whether it was for COOP, PVP, or even general support. Just like in real life, the packs were also designed with a hierarchy, with each members having their own role, all managed under their leader, The alpha. The wolf players would walk around with their pack tags as part of their names as a way of signifying they were members. The idea was so unique, that it became popular very quickly. It wasn't too long until almost everyone in the game was either joining a pack or making their own. Fast forward to today, the game has since received a major update. The wolf packs is now an official feature of the game keeping a lot of the original concept and eliminating the issues, like pack