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The Wolf Update 2.1.3 Around The Corner!

 Today, The Wolf staff announced some exciting news! It has been over a year since the last major update. Since then, The Wolf  developers have been trickling several improvment updates but nothing that really added features to the gameplay.  In todays announcement, Itssblue highlights the new update which is coming in a few days with some expectations, here is what he had to say. "@everyone We’re happy to announce that Pack Weekly Bounty is just around the corner and it’s not the only thing coming in the next update. With two new skins, multiple bug fixes and another special surprise, this update is going to be one to dive in to as soon as possible! Are you ready to come together as a pack? Check out the preview of one of the two newest skins coming to The Wolf." Along with the announcement, he also shared with us an interesting flyer with a preview of one of the new skins.  As stated in my previous post a few weeks ago, I have a couple theories of what the Bounty Pack Hunt

The Wolf Update 2.1.1 Fixing The Bug Fixes.

 What a hectic week for The Wolf. What seemed to be an update to positively improve the game turned into a total nightmare.  One of the major improvement that went wrong was the anti- cheat detection system. Players who Played in PVP were randomly sent to hacker's hell and lost an enormous amount of coins simply by killing other players in PVP.  It had seem the reward system in pvp (earning coins/exp) triggered an effect that caused people to have the glitch. The Wolf developers quickly removed the reward system for pvp to prevent this glitch from further happening the very same day. Other improvements that went wrong was the chat filter system. It had seem that the chat had gotten even more strict then before, censoring words like 'I am" "cp" "hp" etc..  One improvement that was not faulty but had a negative feedback from the community was the anti share system. People are so used to sharing accounts they felt the need to express their frustration in m

The Wolf Tips & Tricks: The God Combo™

  Are you struggling to kill big animals in COOP? Whether you are cooping by yourself or with a friend. This combo will assure you maximize your damage with 1 single damage boost use. Before I explain how this combo works understand that results may vary depending on the level of your skills. But if you time your attacks perfectly you too can master The God Combo™. Below I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to execute this celestial combo. THE GOD COMBO™ INSTRUCTIONS 1. SET A TRAP - Place traps at the border of the animals reach, you can stack as many as 3 traps at a time for maximum damage. 2. ACTIVATE DAMAGE BOOST - Make sure that you activate it after you have already placed traps so you do not loose any juice. Once activated you have to act quickly.  3. USE DOUBLE CLAW - Depending on your Double Claw level you can do alot of damage. Double Claw also has a chance to critical hit, tripling the damage. It is vital you use this move first as it only takes 10 seconds to regenerat

The Wolf Tips & Tricks: How To Get A Lot Of Gems Without Hacks?

Every one always wants to know the easiest fastest way to get Gems in The Wolf Online Simulator. Whether you want to upgrade skills or buy a premium skin. In this article, we will go over the most efficient ways to get gems legitimately. Although the overall concept is pretty self explanatory make sure you read each one as they contains tips and tricks on how to maximize your potential. COOP Coop is the number one way to get gems. It may not seem like alot but they really do add up. Coop will not only give you a chance for more gems but it will also give you more coins and at the same time you can complete your quests. A great way to ensure you get gems during coop is by sharing. The only way to get gems is by killing champions. If you have a good room who are all willing to share. Getting gems will be a breeze. Another way to maximize your gems when you find a champ is to get the last bite or kill. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount. Watch Ads Every day, from 12:00am to

Him The God - War W/ DHP Trilogy

 Him The God always drops new content on his channel at 3pm Monday through Friday Eastern Central. This specific war has been going on for three days, releasing a 30 minute video since Monday. Today is premiers the final installment of the trilogy. Make sure you tune in at 3pm today to watch the premiere! Also below, you can find the previous wars!