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*Leaked screen shot of the actual map

Today, itssblue officially announced the released date and time for the beta testing. Starting 8/26 at 16:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinate). The beta app will only be available for android devices and live for 4 hours. There will be other windows available later in case you miss it. So make sure you are available at those times to play. Of course I will be streaming my reaction live at:

Here is the announcement blue made via discord.

"Hey everyone, beta is going live tomorrow at 18:00 to 22:00 UTC+2 - you can download the link here - DO NOT GET THIS APK FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE. ONLY FROM THIS DISCORD RIGHT HERE. All other information on the beta can be found above. Remember if you wish to use a copy of your own account, LOG IN, DO NOT REGISTER. It will clone your account and allow you to play. Remember all progress is 100% separate from the live game. ARE YOU READY?!??! wolf 

@everyone (Also your friends list, packs etc will not be transferred across!) / also your player tag on beta is likely to be different to your one on live, this will not effect your live version, remember the beta is a separate game itself. Hence the progress not carrying over."

I took the liberty of pre downloading the app and its completely seperated from the original.

Currently if you try to play the beta app it will give you this error message.

Below is a screen shot of the actual announcement.


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