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The Hunter's Code for all of Rage Quit Games; The Wolf, The Tiger, and Evil Lands.

The Hunter's Code This is the introduction to the Hunters Code - our fair play policy here at Swift Apps. We want to create and provide all players with not only a secure and fair environment for gameplay, but also a fun one. When it comes to abusive behaviour, cheating in our games or disrupting other players’ experience, we have zero tolerance. We expect all our players to play by the rules at all times and treat others fairly. (TL;DR):  We care about creating a great environment for our players, don’t ruin that for others. Rule 1: The Hunter respects its prey and other hunters A part of multiplayer gaming is enjoying playing with other players from around the world. Whether you are playing with or against other players, we know that this can sometimes lead to small arguments or disagreements. The problem is when those small conflicts turn into abusive behaviour that ruins the experience for other players Part of the Hunter’s Code is to treat everyone with respect. You should not