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New Map Update Tropical Forest Review | The Wolf Online Simulator Game

 The Wolf beta testing was finally live today. For the first time ever, Rage Quit Games created a beta server for the community to preview and test out the upcoming update which includes a new map with over 20+ new animals, new skills with new effects, and several other added features and improvements.  The beta testing window only lasted 4 hours before it was taken down again, but that still gave us plenty of time for us to get a feel for the new features. Below I will be going in to details on all the new changes I experience in the new update.

The Wolf Beta Is Live Tomorrow For A Limited Time! | The Wolf Online Simulator

  *Leaked screen shot of the actual map Today, itssblue officially announced the released date and time for the beta testing. Starting 8/26 at 16:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinate). The beta app will only be available for android devices and live for 4 hours. There will be other windows available later in case you miss it. So make sure you are available at those times to play. Of course I will be streaming my reaction live at: Here is the announcement blue made via discord. "Hey everyone, beta is going live tomorrow at 18:00 to 22:00 UTC+2 - you can download the link here - DO NOT GET THIS APK FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE. ONLY FROM THIS DISCORD RIGHT HERE. All other information on the beta can be found above. Remember if you wish to use a copy of your own account, LOG IN, DO NOT REGISTER. It will clone your account and allow you to play. Remember all progress is 100% separa

Beta Testing W/ New Map And Skills Is On The Way! | The Wolf Online Simulator

Its been about 6 months since The Wolf staff confirmed that a new map was in the works. Since then, the community has been eager to find out more details about the new map, such as when will it be coming out, what kind of animals can we expect, and what setting might this new map take place. However, very little information has been disclosed. After the recent The Wolf 2.2 update, with no new map included, it had seem it may be another year until we may receive a glimps of anything, until today. Community manager ItsBlue just made an exciting announcement on discord giving details about the new map along with other updates we can expect. The Wolf will be launching a beta app for android users only, which you can download via their website or discord. Here is what ItsBlue said: "Hey everyone, it’s time to announce something a little special! For the first time, we are going to be bringing you a beta test ! Now what does this mean? Well as you all know, we’ve mentioned before that w

New! The Wolf Simulator Update 2.2

The Wolf Online Simulator 2.2 update has finally arrived! This is the update that everyone has been waiting for! In this update, you can expect to see new skins, a new pack weekly bounty feature, and tons of bugs and fixes along with new balances to the PVP and COOP servers. On Monday evening, the communtiy on Discord received an exciting alert from itssblue via the announcement channel. The message stated: "The new update is officially here and there is a lot to check out! Are you ready to jump into the Pack Weekly Bounty and start earning rewards as a pack? Perhaps one of the two newest skins catch your interest? Alongside this, we are releasing multiple bug fixes and we’ve increased the max level to 90. This isn’t all though, later this week we’ll be announcing one more surprise!" He then also added in a seperate message: "There is one more big part of todays update, i'm going to do my best to explain it. Basically there are no more CP thresholds on COOP, its done

The Wolf Update 2.1.3 Around The Corner!

 Today, The Wolf staff announced some exciting news! It has been over a year since the last major update. Since then, The Wolf  developers have been trickling several improvment updates but nothing that really added features to the gameplay.  In todays announcement, Itssblue highlights the new update which is coming in a few days with some expectations, here is what he had to say. "@everyone We’re happy to announce that Pack Weekly Bounty is just around the corner and it’s not the only thing coming in the next update. With two new skins, multiple bug fixes and another special surprise, this update is going to be one to dive in to as soon as possible! Are you ready to come together as a pack? Check out the preview of one of the two newest skins coming to The Wolf." Along with the announcement, he also shared with us an interesting flyer with a preview of one of the new skins.  As stated in my previous post a few weeks ago, I have a couple theories of what the Bounty Pack Hunt