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Its been about 6 months since The Wolf staff confirmed that a new map was in the works. Since then, the community has been eager to find out more details about the new map, such as when will it be coming out, what kind of animals can we expect, and what setting might this new map take place. However, very little information has been disclosed. After the recent The Wolf 2.2 update, with no new map included, it had seem it may be another year until we may receive a glimps of anything, until today.

Community manager ItsBlue just made an exciting announcement on discord giving details about the new map along with other updates we can expect. The Wolf will be launching a beta app for android users only, which you can download via their website or discord. Here is what ItsBlue said:

"Hey everyone, it’s time to announce something a little special! For the first time, we are going to be bringing you a beta test ! Now what does this mean? Well as you all know, we’ve mentioned before that we’ve been working on the new map, well it’s time for you to get a chance to try it out before it comes to the live servers!

So what do you need to know about the Beta and how to get involved?

- Beta test is going to be Android only
- Downloadable APK from our website & discord
- You can copy your main account by logging in on the beta app with your main account
- Registering with existing details would not transfer your account and will force you to start from level 1
- The Beta servers will be open during limited time windows, these will be announced before hand
- To try the new map will require level 50

We are super excited to be bringing this out and it will be coming fairly soon! Now a few things to mention is that Android only is because it’s our first time bringing a beta test and we want to make sure everything goes smooth, additionally not all future updates will feature a beta test.

(Please do not download this APK anywhere other than our website & discord. Downloading from anywhere other than us officially could put your account at risk!)

So what is going to be available in the Beta?

- New map - Tropical Forest
- 9 New skills
- New skill effect “Shock”
- 1 or 2 extra surprises

Wait, there are new skills? - Simply put, yes. We are expanding the skill tree in a more elemental focus. With there being four main elements that appear within the skills, we’re adding the above mentioned skills and changing how the skill tree will look to represent the elemental focus better. 

So get ready as the Beta test is coming soon and we’ll be looking forward to all your feedback & thoughts. A dedicated channel will be available in discord to share!"

"Important note: Once your account on beta is made. All progress there is completely separate to the live game, and all progress on the live game is separate to the beta. So if you leveled from 50 to 60 for example on Beta, but didn’t play the main game, your account will still be level 50. Applies both ways!"

I guess the Forest Wolf was our hint to the new map. So with all this new information being released, more questions have come to the table. With the game now having 9 new skills available to the skill tree, which seemed to be elemental based, what will they be? With a new "Shock" effect You can expect more electric moves. I will leave the link below for the beta apk once it becomes available.


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