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 Since the game's early development, The Wolf Online Simulator has endured many issues. Most of these issues are usually created after a major update has rolled out. It's only normal for a game to have bugs/glitches, no matter how many times a build is tested because some issues are not able to be seen until it is actually live. Most of the times these issues are fixed over the air or with another update released within a few days of being reported. However, there are still many issues that have been passed down through generations of updates but have yet to be fixed despite of being reported. Here is a list of issues that drastically affect the gameplay but have never been resolved.

1. Lag in PVP

Since the update that rolled out earlier this year, introducing the Hunting Contest, tokens, and tickets. The PVP servers have been abnormally laggy. Some of the things the lag consists of are players gliding on the floor with no health bar, players not being hit by skills after a port, ghost copies of players standing with the appearance of being alive after being killed. This lag is mostly noticeable when you are fighting in a war with a lot of skills being used, after porting, or when a player is using rage or speed boost. The reason why this issue needs to be resolve is because it messes with the timing and accuracy of the gameplay, it also causes you to lock on and waste skills on the ghost copies.

2. Skill effects after Respawn 

This problem has been around for over 2 years. The issue happens in PVP right after you have died. If the enemy activates a move (Like poison cloud, hail, or Thunderstorm) while you are dead. The skill will still be in effect when you are respawned in the den. This glitch can be extremely annoying if you are frozen as it makes it harder to move out of the den or poisoned as it can still kill you if you step out of the den until the effect is gone.

3. Multiple kill counts

This is something the developers have not been able to fix since the beginning of time. The issue happens in PVP when you kill multiple players at the same time with a single move. The kills are only counted as 1. This issue needs to be resolved because the PVP score, and the player's stats should have every kill you earned accounted for.

4. VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is designed to extend a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. By using VPN, a player is able to select a server with a higher PING time, which then causes lag due to the connection settings. This is not actually a bug created by the developers, but an issue created by the gamers to gain advantage over other players in PVP. As stated in The Wolf's terms and services, a player cannot abuse the use of a third-party software in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. However, many people have reported this issue and Rage Quit Games has done very little as far as to address or acknowledge the issue.

5. Hackers 

This is another issue that the developers have not been able to maintain. When a player is caught hacking, the account is then sent to Hackers Hell, a server with only hacked accounts. Many updates rolled out with new updated anti-cheat systems; however, many hacked accounts still roam the regular servers. The anti-cheat system doesn't catch a lot of mods if used lightly. Also, if an account was modded prior to the anti-cheat system and never flagged, that account is still able to be in the regular server. Many hacked accounts still have to be manually reported before being banned.

6. Air biting / Skill throwing 

Air Bite and Skill Throwing is when a player is able to use a melee skill from a certain distance on a target. The now featured ability was originally a glitch from an update. However, many players complained about keeping the glitch, so the developers decided to make it an official feature. The only reason this is mentioned is because this is an example of an issue that the developers refused to fix right away and has now been accepted by the community. However, we expect the other issues to be fixed and refuse to conform to these glitches.

Overall, this article is designed to bring awareness to the community and developers, and I hope all can agree that enough is enough. These issues need to be addressed and fixed before releasing more features.


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  2. Plz add pets if possible

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