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Private PVP Servers Update Coming! The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

Since the official wolf Discord first came out in 2020, many changes have came to game for the better. One of the main reason is the platform's ability which allows players to make recommendations through their suggestions channel, which are then logged in and reviewed by the staff. One specific suggestion that many members have been asking for is making private rooms.  Yesterday, ItssBlue released an announcement stating he will be leaking some information about future updates if the post reached 750 likes. The post reached well over its goal within 12 hours. The announcement was set to be released 18:00 UTC time. Today the community manager officially announced that private PVP servers were coming to the game. He has also mentioned that no coin or exp would be gained for this game mode to prevent abuse.  Now I for one, have mixed feelings about this. As a content creator, I think it will be a great solution for creating content like races and tournaments, which I have struggled t