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Easter Event 3/26 - 04/04 | The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

Every year The Wolf blesses us with an Easter event and the time has come now! The Easter event is a live update and wont require an app update. The event is currently running all the way through 04/04, Easter. In this event, every player will earn an additional 20% in coins and exp. This will be a great addition if you stack it with premium. The event is theme based. So you will notice a couple changes to the game, like the start screen and loading cards. You will also notice various different decorations around the maps, like bunnies and easter egg baskets. Champs will also be wearing hats to celebrate the festivities. But the best part about the event is every hour you will receive a gift! An easter egg hidden somewhere in the map with possible rewards from coins to gems! Log in The Wolf now to start enjoying the rewards! Happy Easter!😁

Down Time Reward & Bug Fixes, The Wolf Update 2.1.2 | The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

When the initial 2.1.0 update for The Wolf rolled out two weeks ago, the update was designed to bring quality improvements to the game and fix bugs/glitches. However, the update itself brought on it's own issues. The main glitch in the update was an error in the PVP servers. The bug was an issue with the reward system (coins earned) which caused certain players to trigger the anti cheat system to send their account to hacker's hell, along with glitching their coins earned, putting their balance in the negative. Because of this issue, the company quickly removed the reward system in PVP to prevent the glitch from further happening until they could determine the issue and resolve it. 2 days later The Wolf rolled out the 2.1.1 update which fixed the issues of the previous update. However during that time, players who wanted to play had to either play PVP without earning gems or only play COOP to earn coins.  Fast forward to today, for the first time ever! The Wolf rolls out the 2.

New Venomous Skin Update! | The Wolf Online Simulator

 After the recent 2.1.0 update, Venomous skin was updated to please the upset community. The update finally allowed stacking, however it wasnt brought back to its full potential. It had seem some players were still unhappy with the update as it did not meet their standards. The community continued to express their frustration by demanding refunds on the gems they spent. It wasn't until today that the staff finally had an answer. As ItssBlue stated on the community discord, this new update to Venomous skin was a live update and does not require you to update the app. It had seemed that the damage inflicted was lower than developers anticipated. If you are a VS user log on the game and check out the new improvments to the skill! Please comment below to let us know if you have notice a significant change to the skill.

2500 Gems Giveaway from Community Manager ItssBlue!

  Community manger ItssBlue is doing another giveaway!  The last winner who received the 2500 gems was Bluestar!  Make sure you watch the video and follow the instructions to enter! Good luck to all! Winner will be announced on a live stream April 9th 2021.

The Wolf Update 2.1.1 Fixing The Bug Fixes.

 What a hectic week for The Wolf. What seemed to be an update to positively improve the game turned into a total nightmare.  One of the major improvement that went wrong was the anti- cheat detection system. Players who Played in PVP were randomly sent to hacker's hell and lost an enormous amount of coins simply by killing other players in PVP.  It had seem the reward system in pvp (earning coins/exp) triggered an effect that caused people to have the glitch. The Wolf developers quickly removed the reward system for pvp to prevent this glitch from further happening the very same day. Other improvements that went wrong was the chat filter system. It had seem that the chat had gotten even more strict then before, censoring words like 'I am" "cp" "hp" etc..  One improvement that was not faulty but had a negative feedback from the community was the anti share system. People are so used to sharing accounts they felt the need to express their frustration in m

New! The Wolf Update 2.1.0

Finally a new major update has arrived! However, this update isn't a new map or added features. This update is more about improving the already existing features and fixing existing bugs. I remember seeing alot of the changes that were made were listed in the suggestion channel of the community discord. It looks like the developers are listening and implementing changes based on our recommendations. Also, Venomous skin is back! Venomous skin was never really gone. But because of the nerf, it was almost rendered useless. Also major changes are being made for hackers/modded accounts and account sharing. Below I have posted a log of all the changes released by the officials of The Wolf on their forums. I believe this is only the beginning of a huge update that is soon to come as these are only quality improvements. If you have not yet done so, head to the app store and download the latest version of the game.   PATCH NOTES for the 2.1.0 update, 08/03/21 Hey everyone, it’s time for an