New! The Wolf Update 2.1.0

Finally a new major update has arrived! However, this update isn't a new map or added features. This update is more about improving the already existing features and fixing existing bugs. I remember seeing alot of the changes that were made were listed in the suggestion channel of the community discord. It looks like the developers are listening and implementing changes based on our recommendations. Also, Venomous skin is back! Venomous skin was never really gone. But because of the nerf, it was almost rendered useless. Also major changes are being made for hackers/modded accounts and account sharing. Below I have posted a log of all the changes released by the officials of The Wolf on their forums. I believe this is only the beginning of a huge update that is soon to come as these are only quality improvements. If you have not yet done so, head to the app store and download the latest version of the game.

 PATCH NOTES for the 2.1.0 update, 08/03/21

Hey everyone, it’s time for an update and we’ve got a few things to share with you today. The general theme around this update is bug fixes, quality of life updates, tech upgrades & big focus on improvements that will allow us to build up a better customer service but also monitoring of cheats/hacks through-out the game.

So let’ s jump into it, what can you expect from this update?

Bug fixes, minor improvements/tweaks, quality of life updates
  • Left handed mode is now available :)
  • Option to select visibility of specific details within profile visibility

Ban & Detection system

  • We have significantly improved our ban & detection system to allow us to detect cheats in a more efficient and quicker way. Allowing us to remove these accounts from the main servers faster.
  • Additionally we have implemented a temporary and permanent ban feature which will not only remove players from the main servers but make the accounts unplayable.
New player ranks
  • Elite has been renamed to Grand Master, Grand Champion and Elite have been added as the two new highest ranks.

Score & Points

  • Scores & Points are now equal 1 : 1, previously scores would be displayed a bit higher than the points you receive and we’ve lowered only the score to match the points you get. Points have not been changed here.
  • Displayed score doesn’t change when VIP is active, points are still awarded 50% extra
Venomous Skin Changes
  • Stacking is coming back as an official feature of the skill, the stacking effect will be limited to five times. The first stack will provide 100% of the damage and each additional stack will provide 50%. All skill parameters have been returned to the pre-nerf version (DPS, Duration, Effect Duration).

Anti account sharing

  • While account sharing is against our TOS, we are aware that it's something quite common within the game. We have implemented a new feature that will stop players being able to gain a massive advantage over those who are not sharing.

Reward distribution

  • We’ve fixed a bug which wasn’t distributing the rewards based on the damage dealt.
  • We’ve also launched a new experimental reward sharing mechanism which will provide the full reward to the person who deals the most damage. Additional rewards will be provided to those who help.
AFK Kicking system
  • Players will be kicked automatically after being inactive for some time
  • This is a small step towards preventing spot blocking, we’re aware this is an issue in the community and we’re looking at improving it further across future updates.
Mega Boost updates
  • Mega boost is now going to be based on active gameplay rather than real time. If you leave to change lobbies or your close your game, when you come back it will continue from the time when you closed the game.
  • This change does not apply to Super boost
While this update is focused around tech, the next updates are going to be content based. We will reveal more information on this soon as we will release a road map of the next updates and what we’re working on!

Additional Change log:
  • Fixed some bugs where camera rotation would be disconnected from moving without holding a second finger on the screen.
  • Improvements to the invite friend by email mechanism
  • Added timer for broadcast pack message cooldown
  • Improvements made to connecting to the game & maps
  • Improvements made to hacker filtering in clans & rankings (Players who were removed from the main server sometimes still appeared in packs and rankings)
  • Mute display icon now displays correctly. Previously crossed out displayed for unmuted but will now show for muted.
  • Unified styles of on/off toggles in settings
  • Fix skill description layouts for some languages
  • Fix wrong player’s colours after team switching in PvP
  • Fixed multiple rewards glitch from animal kills
  • Renamed daily quest "Reach Score" to "Collect Points"
  • Fixed rare glitch where a room would feature no animal spawns
  • Fixed issue where video advertisements would appear while not available
  • Fixed a bug where an animals health would constantly change while under the affect of curse or other HP modifying skills.
  • Fixed issue where invite link through some messenger apps were not working correctly
  • Obstacles added to Dark Forest right after you exit den to replace invisible wall
  • Improvements for unread messages being refreshed (Example, after focus was lost on application)
  • Fixed bug where clan or friend chat might not work as intended on specific languages


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