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  Only a day after their quality of life update, The Wolf Online RPG Simulator Game release their new limited edition wolf skin, Midnight Wolf and Arabian Wolf. Its seems to be a current trend for 2022 to release a new skin each month.  The Midnight Wolf is a black glowing skin with a purple moon aura. The price for this skin is 900 moonstones, which can be obtained by winning hunting competitions, pack bounty rewards, or purchased with currency. The time frame to purchase this skin is 28 days. The Arabian Wolf is a more of a basic skin you would expect to get by unlocking a new level or using gems. The design of it is a combination of all the basic wolves. The price for is is only 350 moonstones and is available for 13 days. 

New Update! The Wolf 2.5.1 - Minor Bug Fixes And Improvements

  A small update was released to improve The Wolf Online RPG Simulator game. Below are the highlighted features improved. - Hunting Boosters got buffed and they now increase effectiveness with each use -Display for current attempts score in Hunting Challenge added - Won competitions stat in Player Profile - Reduced night duration - Bug fixes and minor improvements

The Hunter's Code for all of Rage Quit Games; The Wolf, The Tiger, and Evil Lands.

The Hunter's Code This is the introduction to the Hunters Code - our fair play policy here at Swift Apps. We want to create and provide all players with not only a secure and fair environment for gameplay, but also a fun one. When it comes to abusive behaviour, cheating in our games or disrupting other players’ experience, we have zero tolerance. We expect all our players to play by the rules at all times and treat others fairly. (TL;DR):  We care about creating a great environment for our players, don’t ruin that for others. Rule 1: The Hunter respects its prey and other hunters A part of multiplayer gaming is enjoying playing with other players from around the world. Whether you are playing with or against other players, we know that this can sometimes lead to small arguments or disagreements. The problem is when those small conflicts turn into abusive behaviour that ruins the experience for other players Part of the Hunter’s Code is to treat everyone with respect. You should not

The Wolf Steam First Update! Room Chat enabled! The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

  It has only been 4 days since the launch of The Wolf Game on Steam, and the developers are working hard on getting the game to the same level as the mobile version. Today 10/29, an update was released build ID: 7814680 the file was 1.5 GB. There hasn't been an official log issued out from the company on what exactly the changes were, so I decided to make my own in hope to provide some clarification. Room Chat enabled It was only a matter of time until this feature was going to be added. One of the best parts about The Wolf mobile, is the ability to chat with other players freely, you can create conversations in the server, chat amongst your team in PVP, and call for help with big animals and champions. Before the update, you could only communicate via direct message with players, which would require you to add them to your friends list. New Controls The way the controls were previously set up would interfere when you would direct message a player. The new controls not only do a b

Buying And Selling Accounts Now Being Enforced! The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

There are many things in The Wolf community that players do which violates the terms of services. One of the major one is selling and buying accounts. Every day, there is always a new story about how a player was scammed after purchasing an account. There are numerous ways a player can get scammed. Some people purchase a hacked account that hasn't been flagged yet, but then later gets banned. Some scammers get the password of the account changed after making the sell, as it can easily be reset with access to the email. And others victims might pay for an account without receiving access and then never hear from the seller again.  Today, ItssBlue announced that it will officially be monitored and enforced on the community discord channel. Here is what he had to say. "It’s time to address the topic of Buying & Selling accounts. As of today, we’re going to be more strict on this issue. Any account that we verify to have been bought/sold, faces the risk of being banned & d

The Wolf Steam Is Finally Here! Now available for PC and Mac | The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

The Wolf on Steam is finally here. Steam is a platform that allows you to emulate PC and console games on your computer. The Wolf,  which originated on mobile platforms, was announced earlier this year to be released by Go Lucky Games with a TBA (To Be Announced) release date. The game was introduced with an amazing CGI trailer describing the life of a wolf which also contained actual gameplay footage. Before the release, there was many questions that The Wolf fans had like, will this game be cross platform? What will the cost of the game be? Are the gameplay footage in the trailer actual quality. In this article, I will answer all of these questions along with giving you the difference between mobile and PC versions.  Purchase The Wolf for Steam here  So, the game was finally released 10/25/2021. The game is currently retailed at $9.99 with a limited time promotional 20% discount which brings it down to 7.99. The game file is currently at 3.03 GB with a default resolution of 1920 x 10