Buying And Selling Accounts Now Being Enforced! The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

There are many things in The Wolf community that players do which violates the terms of services. One of the major one is selling and buying accounts. Every day, there is always a new story about how a player was scammed after purchasing an account. There are numerous ways a player can get scammed. Some people purchase a hacked account that hasn't been flagged yet, but then later gets banned. Some scammers get the password of the account changed after making the sell, as it can easily be reset with access to the email. And others victims might pay for an account without receiving access and then never hear from the seller again. 

Today, ItssBlue announced that it will officially be monitored and enforced on the community discord channel. Here is what he had to say.

"It’s time to address the topic of Buying & Selling accounts. As of today, we’re going to be more strict on this issue. Any account that we verify to have been bought/sold, faces the risk of being banned & deleted. This new enforcement is going to be based on account sales/purchases made from this point onward.

The safety of players are important to us and recently we have noticed an increased amount of cases where players are being scammed both during buying/selling accounts. We have decided to bring this to an end. 

This takes place officially from today 28/10/21. We will also be revealing a sneak peek soon of some upcoming content!"


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