What Updates Are Coming To The Wolf This Year

 A New Map

That is a given, every year the developers release a new map with new animals for Co-op and PVP. They have teased us in the past wolf survey about possibly releasing a dinosaur map. I am crossing my fingers 🤞 

This answer confirm that Map 9 will be harder than Fugaku Slopes, since Fugaku Slopes will become a featured map. 

New PVP mode

For a while there has been talks about a new PVP mode being worked on. Not a lot of information has been disclosed on the subject but it is design to fix a lot of the complaints the current PVP mode has like spot blockers, den players, LBD etc... The current PVP mode will still remain. It will be interesting to see which mode will be used the most after it's release.

Max Level 99 

When I first started playing The Wolf, level 50 was the max. Level 99 was a myth that could only be done in the hacker servers. But as the game developed, the max level increased. We have finally came to a point where level 99 will now be reality for the normal server.

Quick change button for item sets

They will be releasing an easy way to switch to different presets of item combinations instead of having to manually drag and drop each items you want to equip.

New Emotes & Moves

There is currently a very small catalog right now since these are so new. I predict that we will have as many emotes as emojis we have on our keyboards

New Skills

New Skills are set to be in the future but not this year. 

A picture of The Tiger game totem

New items

The official answer is that they are not working on anything and don't have any plans to. But in reality, I believe the company is, but won't tell you because they don't want you to hold off on investing on the current items. They need you to spend money. So even if they will make new items, they will not disclose it. When the new Skills were released a few years back, no one had expected that and most people who invested in maxing the old skills found them selves needing to spend more for the new Skills. When we look at Rage Quit Games other title, Evil Lands. They did end up making new armors eventually. 

An image of Evil Lands releasing new items


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