New Venomous Skin Update! | The Wolf Online Simulator

 After the recent 2.1.0 update, Venomous skin was updated to please the upset community. The update finally allowed stacking, however it wasnt brought back to its full potential.

It had seem some players were still unhappy with the update as it did not meet their standards. The community continued to express their frustration by demanding refunds on the gems they spent. It wasn't until today that the staff finally had an answer.

As ItssBlue stated on the community discord, this new update to Venomous skin was a live update and does not require you to update the app. It had seemed that the damage inflicted was lower than developers anticipated. If you are a VS user log on the game and check out the new improvments to the skill!

Please comment below to let us know if you have notice a significant change to the skill.


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