Easter Event 3/26 - 04/04 | The Wolf Online RPG Simulator

Every year The Wolf blesses us with an Easter event and the time has come now! The Easter event is a live update and wont require an app update. The event is currently running all the way through 04/04, Easter. In this event, every player will earn an additional 20% in coins and exp. This will be a great addition if you stack it with premium.

The event is theme based. So you will notice a couple changes to the game, like the start screen and loading cards.

You will also notice various different decorations around the maps, like bunnies and easter egg baskets. Champs will also be wearing hats to celebrate the festivities.

But the best part about the event is every hour you will receive a gift! An easter egg hidden somewhere in the map with possible rewards from coins to gems!

Log in The Wolf now to start enjoying the rewards!
Happy Easter!😁


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