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 The Wolf beta testing was finally live today. For the first time ever, Rage Quit Games created a beta server for the community to preview and test out the upcoming update which includes a new map with over 20+ new animals, new skills with new effects, and several other added features and improvements.  The beta testing window only lasted 4 hours before it was taken down again, but that still gave us plenty of time for us to get a feel for the new features. Below I will be going in to details on all the new changes I experience in the new update.

New Map - Tropical Forest

The new map Tropical Forest brings an awesome new flavor to the game. The new map contains tons of new decorations resembling Legendary Mountain but with much more new plants, new trees, new rocks, and new animals which will not seem repetitive. The map is divided into 4 different areas all connected by tunnels. Each different sections have a different vibe with a changed environment and animals inhabiting them. Even though the map is divided into different parts, the developers make it easy to cut through the entire map with the tunnels. The map was implemented with great amount of details from vines and stalagmites in the caves, to piles of bones and rock structures on the land. The map is also featured in PVP with the familiar 8 shaped layout as the previous maps. 

View at night in cinematic view.

Picture of the mini map.

New Skills
As expected, new skills were also implemented in the update. The new skills featured brought a new design to the skill tree, makin it more organized and balanced. The new skills focused on the 4 elements, Fire, Ice, Poison and Thunder. The new skills were implemented in every department except auras. The new basic skills are listed below with a brief description.

New Basics: Poisonous Jump, Thunder, Shock Jump
New Specials: Fire Ring, Shock Nova, Electrified, Electroshock 
New Totem: Poisonous Trap, Electric Trap
New Animals

When it comes to the new animals I am extremely impressed with the variety and originality. When I initially heard about the new map, I was thinking that there could possibly only be a handful missing, and most would be ported from the previous maps. However, I was proven wrong, with over 20+ new species of animals ranging from critters, to primates, and reptiles. Below I have posted screen shots of all the new animals I encountered along with a few champs. You can scroll down below and check out every single one of them.

You can check out my full live gameplay below on my channel


  1. :/ Mighty hippo got removed a long time ago . It actually is quite nice


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