The Future of Packs: New Pack Rankings & "Pack Weekly Bounty"

Today, communtiy manager ItssBlue announced a few exciting news! First part of the announcement is a new live update for packs rankings. 

Similar to player's rankings, this chart is designed to rank the top packs based on the pack's combat power. A pack's CP score is determined by the combined CP score of all the current members, divided in half. So there are a couple different factors which can help the pack's overall scores, like the numbers of members in the pack. The chart lists the top 100 packs global and local.

The current #1 global ranking pack goes out to El1te with currently 50 members and a combined CP score of 725 million. The pack was also featured on our list as #1 pack to join in 2021. El1te currently has 5 players over 100m CP making a 3rd of the packs total ranking. The pack's founders are Mr V, Mr N, and Jess.

Now on to the second part of the announcement. ItssBlue just teased us with an upcoming update called "Pack Weekly Bounty". Unfortunately there is very little information given to us about the update but here are some possible theories.

Based on the name, this new feature would be a quest/task issued out weekly. It would require to be completed with your pack members with hopes of earning possible rewards, as in gems or coins. Now here is where it gets tricky, the dictionary defines "Bounty" as "A sum paid for killing or capturing a person or animal". Which means the goal of the challenge may be to hunt something. What if the task is a mission about killing a rival pack or maybe getting involved in PVP wars with them.

Here are a couple theories I have came up with of possible pack challenges systems.

Theory 1:
A list of quests, similar to daily quests, issued out on a weekly basis that would require you to use your pack inorder to complete them, for example: kill 10 animals with a pack member. Each reward would be issued out individually to those who complete it.

Theory 2:
A daily challenge that would requires you to sign in each day to complete and on the 7th day you will earn a reward, like other similar weekly events featured in other games. Of course, the missions would have to be pack oriented and the rewards would be issued out individually to those who complete them.

Theory 3:
This theory is the one I would prefer most to see. In this set up the pack is issued out an insane challenge that can only be completed with the pack in a weeks time frame, like Kill 1k mammoths. Every member in the pack can contribute to this goal. Once the goal is completed. The entire pack receives a reward. This would really allow the pack to work together and require those 1 wolf packs to actually recruit and create a pack in order to complete the quest.

One thing for sure is, The Wolf developers have been paying very close attention to the suggestions discussed in the communtiy Discord and have implemented several updates based of many suggestions in the past. 

I have researched a few discussions in the channel in regards to packs and here are some interesting suggestions from the community that may reflect this update. 

All the ideas mentioned by the community are great suggestions and I hope a little bit of everything mentioned is implemented. All we can do is hope. What ever the case, I am very excited for this and I expect this update to be releasing in the coming week.


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