Happy Birthday ItssBlue!

  ItssBlue was only introduced to us about 2 months ago as our community manager. But in just that short period of time, a lot has changed, ItssBlue has done a great job impacting the community in a positive way. He currently manages all of Rage Quit Games' media platforms including the official Community Discord of The Wolf, with currently 1200+ members. The Discord was not only able to bring the community closer together, but it also gives everyone a voice, allowing players to express their concerns with the confidence of being heard. ItssBlue has not only became the face of the company, but is now part of The Wolf Family. He created his own YouTube channel where you can interact with him and watch him grow as a wolf. Let's help ItssBlue celebrate his 29th birthday by wishing him a Happy Birthday on his latest Birthday Stream video, and don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to the channel.

Follow him on IG @itssblue and Twitter @itssbluegg


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    1. Thank you for the bday wishes but if u want him to see it you have to go on his video on youtube and comment. You can do so by clicking the title of the video.


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