The Wolf Tips & Tricks: How To Get A Lot Of Gems Without Hacks?

Every one always wants to know the easiest fastest way to get Gems in The Wolf Online Simulator. Whether you want to upgrade skills or buy a premium skin. In this article, we will go over the most efficient ways to get gems legitimately. Although the overall concept is pretty self explanatory make sure you read each one as they contains tips and tricks on how to maximize your potential.


Coop is the number one way to get gems. It may not seem like alot but they really do add up. Coop will not only give you a chance for more gems but it will also give you more coins and at the same time you can complete your quests. A great way to ensure you get gems during coop is by sharing. The only way to get gems is by killing champions. If you have a good room who are all willing to share. Getting gems will be a breeze. Another way to maximize your gems when you find a champ is to get the last bite or kill. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount.

Watch Ads

Every day, from 12:00am to 11:59pm, you will have an option to watch an ad to earn a reward. Rewards usually come in a form of coins, xp, or gems. The game will allow you to watch and earn 6 times, which means you can only watch 6 ads, regardless of the reward. So if you get a video ad of coins of xp dont watch it and wait till it expires. Don't worry as long as you haven't watched more than 6 videos a new ad will pop up.

Completing Quests

Daily quests are very important for gems. They are also very fun to complete. Every time you complete a quest you will have to wait 12 hr for a new quest to be available. One way to maximize your gem potential is by skipping the coin quests as they are very little amounts and you can get a head start on the refresh. Another way, is to watch ads, these quest ads will allow you to skip ahead 6hrs for up to 6 times. The quest ads do not count towards your Daily Reward ads but they do count towards your opportunity to double your quest reward. So make sure you complete all your quests before you skip ahead


Premium will not only motivate you to coop more but also give you a new slot for quest. Which potentially means more gems and more quest refresh. Now it cost gems to make gems. But if you Coop 1 hr a day for 30 days you will have no problem paying for premium.


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