New Rage Quit Game Coming! Tomorrow: Online Survival RPG

When we say Tomorrow, we dont mean a new game is releasing tomorrow, but Rage Quit will be releasing a new game soon, called "Tomorrow: Online Survival RPG". For those who are not familiar with Rage Quit Games, they are the polish company who created The Wolf Online RPG Simulator, along with many other titles like Evil Lands and The Tiger. Its been almost 2 year since the release of their last game Evil Lands so it only makes sense that a new game is in the works. I was  lucky enough to be able to get my hands on a pre-released version of the game, and I recorded the introductory gameplay to show you guys.

My first impression of this game, I feel like the graphics is a mix between The Wolf and Evil Lands. You first begin at the character customization screen where you can customize your hair, face, and skin tone, along with your name and gender selection.

The game then goes on to the main lobby where you can craft certain things from clothes, weapons, healing kits, to your house. This game tutorial does a great job walking you through each steps of the way, making the player understand how to play, unlike other similar survival games.

Overall the game seems pretty fun to play. The version I am playing is an unreleased beta version, but I am excited for when they do decide to release the official game on all platforms. Check out the full gameplay video below!


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