Skill Throwing Update Improved For Android Devices?

Since The Wolf 1.10 major update last year, one of the improvements listed on there was fixing "Air Biting" as it was considered a "bug/glitch". However, because of the popularity of it's use and the negative feedback from the community, the developers decided to keep the bug, and treat it as a feature with possible future improvements to prevent abuse.

Now before I continue, I would like to explain my definition of "Air Biting" and "Skill throwing" as they are a different features. Air biting is using your regular bite attack and doing damage from a distance. While skill throwing is using a claw/basic skill and doing damage from a distance.

Once the update was released, many players who previously used the bug now had difficulties using this "feature" while some others seemed to continue using it with ease. Nothing had changed with air bite, as it was still easy to utilize, but skill throwing seemed almost impossible to do. After talking to the numerous players who used the skill throwing feature like second nature, I found out that 100% of them were IOS users. There seem to be different configurations between the different operating systems. Even players who use both IOS and Android to play also confirmed with me that there was a clear advantage using their apple devices. It seemed that IOS users were able to utilize the skill throwing feature just as easily as air bite. And unfortunately I use android.

Now fast forward to yesterday, I had notice a huge difference with my device. I was in a war with a player who uses skill throwing religiously. Because the reach of  the skill throwing feature. It's always a challenge for me to attack these players as it is a difficult getting closer to them. Usually when I fight this person, I always switch to my double claw and test my luck, but I usually always miss. But yesterday, for odd reasons, I was doing great! At first I thought it was just luck, I was able to connect 80% of the time. I was doing so well I was able to push h e r to the den. Then I decided to do some research and try the skill in COOP and PVP rooms to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Before I write this big article. Based on my experiences I would say I noticed a tremendous change. Now it still is not as easy as air bite but it's still a huge improvement. I hope The Wolf developers will find a way to calibrate the two platforms to make it even. Check out the video below of me clawing away.

This is not an official press release from The Wolf, none of this has been confirmed by any one from their staff. This article was written purely based of facts from my experiences. Please leave a comment below if you are an android user and tell me if you too have notice an improvement. 


  1. I am on Android and it was always quite easy once I learnt it... was very hard to get at the start tho...


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