The Wolf Tips & Tricks: Chew & Run

 Are you a lower level wolf who is having trouble killing the bigger animals in COOP? Like an elephant in Legendary or a mammoth in Creek. No worries, there is a technique that you can use that will allow you to COOP efficiently and earn you some coins and XP. Before I get started I would like to thank Chew Toy for sharing this technique with us and allowing me to share it in my blog.

So I n.

0amed this technique Chew & Run. Partly because it was introduced to me by Chew Toy and partly because that is exactly what you do. So the way this technique works is you go around killing the animals that you can kill like you normally, if you encounter a big animal that you cannot defeat, do some damage on it then move on. What will happen is eventually a big player will come and kill that animal. Because you have done some damage to that animal you will get a piece of the pie. Now here is the thing. You wont get the full amount of coins and xp, and you wont get a "Hunted Animals" point on your stats. But it's better than nothing right? 

Below I have a video created by Chew Toy demonstrating the technique: 


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