The Wolf Tips & Tricks: The God Combo™


Are you struggling to kill big animals in COOP? Whether you are cooping by yourself or with a friend. This combo will assure you maximize your damage with 1 single damage boost use. Before I explain how this combo works understand that results may vary depending on the level of your skills. But if you time your attacks perfectly you too can master The God Combo™. Below I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to execute this celestial combo.


1. SET A TRAP - Place traps at the border of the animals reach, you can stack as many as 3 traps at a time for maximum damage.

2. ACTIVATE DAMAGE BOOST - Make sure that you activate it after you have already placed traps so you do not loose any juice. Once activated you have to act quickly. 

3. USE DOUBLE CLAW - Depending on your Double Claw level you can do alot of damage. Double Claw also has a chance to critical hit, tripling the damage. It is vital you use this move first as it only takes 10 seconds to regenerate. 

4. USE FREEZING BREATH - Using Freezing Breath will allow your DC to regenerate as the Skill lasts about 7 seconds depending on which level its at. Also, you can manuver the animal to follow you.

5. LURE ANIMAL TO TRAP - This step should be done while you are using Freezing Breath as you have no time to waste. Remember Damage Boost is loosing juice.

6. SWITCH AND USE YOUR STRONGEST CLAW - You Claw should now have regenerated. With the new update, the developers have added a toggle button to switch quickly through different skills. Switch to your strongest claw and attack! (Remeber you also have another chance to crit)

7. PLACE AND LURE TO TRAPS - (If the animal is still alive) Right now all your skills are still loading except traps as it only takes 20 seconds to regenerate. Place a trap quickly as you only have a few seconds to spare before DB runs out. 

It may sound simple and easy at first, but most animals usually spawn in pairs and getting stunned or pushed pushed back can easily interfere with the process. Check out the video below to see the combo in action.

Please let me know in the comments if this was helpful and if you successfully achieved this combo.


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