Hey @everyone It's time for a big update and we know you've been excited for this one! Today is featuring not only a new map, but also the new Skill Synergies, PVP Balance changes, New CP ranks, bug fixes & much more! Ready to jump into the world of The Wolf and see what changes await? Well, the update is live now!

Main features:

 Savannah Valley Map

 Skill Synergies

 Evolve System

 Balanced PVP CP Brackets

 New Ranks - Grand Elite & Legend

 Anti-Cheat improvements

What is Synergies?

Hey everyone, Skill Synergies is a feature that exists in one of our other games Evil Lands. Synergies is a feature that essentially takes your existing skills and provides a buff to other skills within the same skill tree, typically within the same Element. 

Totems are an exception here, all area traps essentially buff each other, as there is not a clear hierarchy here, they are just different elemental variations with their own effects. Totem buffs however are working in pairs, for example Root & Swamp and Healing Totem with Shield, as we decided they are suited to go together.

So how do synergies look visually? Well In the image provided above, you can see that double claw provides a bonus to all 3 following skills, where as Life Steal only provides one to Vampiric Overhead Claw. 

Why Synergies?

Over the past, we've seen a lot of people opening up conversation about feeling like they wasted gems on earlier skills. With the way Combat Power works and how your skills are part of your Wolf's history, we decided to bring over the Synergy feature. We want people to feel like investing into skills early on to give themselves strength to level up, won't be a waste later on when they decide to go for specific skill builds that suit their style of play. 

Overall it provides you with a benefit from the skills you believe were potentially a mistake or a waste, but now can be a buff to what you love to play with.

Additional Change-log points

 Fixed an issue with wrong positions in clan view when in PVP (Players with hidden CP weren’t moved to the top)

 Fixed an issue where Hunting Challenge countdown bugged out

 Fixed an issue where player would spawn in the wrong position after clicking retry join to a full room

 Fixed an issue where a pop-up showing you didn’t beat your best score in retry didn’t display

 Fixed an issue where icons of Animals in Hunting Challenge didn’t display correctly

 Fixed an issue where friends list pending list overlapped

 Fixed an issue where UI skill buttons are not blocked with an X mark when using a trap with auto attack on Animals

 Fixed an issue on Mammoth Creek where Animals liked to tickle you from underground

 Fixed an issue with Bull and Bull Champion where they pretended to be mutes

 Added new shop UI icon

 Added hunting Competition Tutorial

 Added New guides for how to rotate skins

 Added avatar in pack list, friends list & friend details

 Updated Graphics for Next Competition

 Cleaned up the Hud in game so its less messy

Additionally, we are 100% aware of the issue with Pack Descriptions being slightly bugged right now, this will be fixed asap in the upcoming Hotfix.


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