The Wolf 3.4.0 Update - New PVP bracket, Emotes, moves, podiums and more!


Today a new update was released in The Wolf. It's not the major yearly update we get once a year but it's something that a lot of players have been asking for a long time! 

Emotes are now available. You can send emojis to team chats and friends through personal messages. 

One of my favorite additions to this update is the moves. If you are not much of a chatter or don't speak a certain language you can still communicate with different gestures! 

There are also quick chats now, which are pre written phrases that are commonly used in the game to help make it easier and faster to communicate. The chat is different in COOP and PVP

One thing that is odd is there are now 2 places for the room chat, however there is ability to customize what notifications you can see in the room chat settings.

Additional emotes, moves, and podiums can be purchased in the store for moonstones. Personally I think they should be free or at least gems. 

I am surprised that podiums which serves little to no purpose in gameplay is something that needs to be purchased but if you are into that there are a few available at the moment. Just like skins, I am sure they will have different ones available in the future.

Another addition to the game that enhanced your wolf's stats are new Legendary Set Bonuses. It's a synergy like concept that benefits having multiple legendary items of the same type.

They have also added new PVP brackets to help players grow and play comfortably 

One thing that has also changed is the settings in the lobby menu. Nothing actually has changed as far as the options available but I believe that the change was made to add additional options in the near future. One thing I would hope to see is being able to switch in between accounts faster as almost every serious wolf player has different accounts. 

This update is just a small fun addition that continues to improve the game. I feel that this update was made possible thanks to the community's feedback and the developers open to listen. The major update is just a few months away which is expected to include a new map, new PVP game, and more new contents!


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